Comments on the conditions of formation of “woman” (2)


Installation, variable dimensions Video, colour-catchers 2011 Previous Next Short description: The project draws a link between the past and the present of the feminine identity and examines the role of women as domestic workers. The installation was designed with “colour-catchers”, a product recently introduced in the market, which provides the ability to prevent the colours from […]

Limits of the Archaeological territory

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(Όριο Αρχαιολογικού Χώρου) Performance – Site Specific Installation Performed and designed by Ioanna Neophytou and Spyros Charalampopoulos 2012 Actions documentation Previous Next Short description: The installation consisted of a big handmade map designed on the ground in front of the old port and a screening of live actions realized, in the previous days, in the […]

Statements of Repentance

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(Δηλώσεις Μετάνοιας) Site specific Installation rocks, printings, charcoal, scaffold 2012 Previous Next Short description: The installation is inspired by the extended usage of Statements of Repentance in Greece’s contemporary political history. Huge rocks blog a door and don’t permit entrance of the visitor. On the rocks, written in charcoal, are the excerpts of Statements of […]



Installation, 5 frames 30x42cm Flags, toys, nails, wire, button, printings 2011 Previous Next Classification consists of a frolic in the history of Yugoslavia, where we can see the highlights of the country’s history. From its creation, a century ago, to its collapse the “Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” as first named, went through changes […]


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Interactive performance in an old train wagon. 5/5/2011 -15/5/2011 Previous Next Short Description: The performance was a simulation of an illegal journey. It refuted the place and the private space as the performers moved through, above and under the audience, repealing the security of private space. Using the text of Matei Bisniek, the performance triggered […]

The History of Cure

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Installation, 5 frames, 30×42 cm Frames, texts, scalp, leave of hellebores, cross, medical tools and pills 2010 Previous Next Short description: The installation presents a research on the history of medical treatment for mental illness and aims to record the most famous therapies in history of medicine. Many of these treatments were influenced by religions, […]

The political executions during the civil war in 1944-49, in Goudi area

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Site-specific installation in the Hospital Sotiria, AthensSheets, archives, video, soundCreated by Ioanna Neophytou and Aggelos Cralis 2010 Previous Next Short Description: In the installation, made in cooperation with Angelos Krallis, we studied the history of the hospital in the Greek Civil War in 1944-1949. During that period, a jail was in use in the hospital, […]



Sculpture Dimensions: 55 x 45 x 35 cm, 13 kg Colored polyester, foam tubes, buttons, threats 2011 Previous Next Presented: Thesis, Athens School of Fine Arts, 22 – 24 June 2011, Athens, Greece

Stage Design

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Previous Next Omfalos Performance Theater Group Ek-Drasis Palio Xidadiko, 26/27/28 August 2016, Limassol, Cyprus Direction: Elena Socratous, Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou Stage Design / Installations: Ioanna Neophytou Movement Director: Melanie Varnavidou Performers: Melanie Varnavidou, Odysseas Ioannou Konstantinou The performance took place within the festival theYard.Residency.16 at Old Vinegar Factory. More information:…/ CITY GHETTOS OF […]