Comments on the conditions of formation of “woman” (1)

Installation, variable dimensions
Video, silicone implants, hair removal strips

Comments on the conditions of formation of "woman" - 1, photo 7
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Short description:

After a year and a half of constant depilation, I collected the used hair removal strips from different women which became a canvas for projection of stereotypical media images. As a consequence, the images are deformed as they are projected on the hair strips, revealing a critical approach of what is considered beautiful nowadays.

The idea of this installation was to explore the conditions and the limits of the formation of the female norm, the social process that defines when a body can be identified as female. What should be discarded and what should be kept from congenital characteristics? What further elements are needed in order to, not only be considered feminine, but also treated as nice? This installation challenges the industry of image production, as well as the connection between the standards of beauty and massive consumption. Integrated in the visual reality of the western world, beauty stereotypes are heavily imposed on women, condemning the defects and the ravages of time.



  • Thesis, School of Fine Arts, 22-24 June 2011, Athens, Greece.
  • *Restrictions apply – Mixed-media art exhibition

Curated by Vicky Koutsounaki and Vasiliki Ioannidou
28-29 July 2016, 36-37 Warple Way, W3 0RG, London, UK.


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Press release Restrictions (pdf)