The political executions during the civil war in 1944-49, in Goudi area

Site-specific installation in the Hospital Sotiria, Athens
Sheets, archives, video, sound
Created by Ioanna Neophytou and Aggelos Cralis

Short Description:

In the installation, made in cooperation with Angelos Krallis, we studied the history of the hospital in the Greek Civil War in 1944-1949. During that period, a jail was in use in the hospital, where many political prisoners were captive with the charge of involvement in communist acts. The installation was designed using archival material, photographs, newspapers and interviews of survivors, exposed on the old sheets of the hospital. The main purpose of the project was to investigate the connection between memory and disease. What mainly drew our attention was the conflict between the aim of a hospital – curing people – and the cruel reality of executing.


“The Project Sotiria: Memory and disease in arts”, group exhibition in the abandoned rooms of the General hospital Sotiria, in Athens, 18/6/2010 – 3/9/2010
Exhibition curated by Panagiotis Papadopoulos


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