Interactive performance in an old train wagon.
5/5/2011 -15/5/2011

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Short Description:

The performance was a simulation of an illegal journey. It refuted the place and the private space as the performers moved through, above and under the audience, repealing the security of private space. Using the text of Matei Bisniek, the performance triggered a reconsideration of nations and migration, by ridiculing the way in which societies choose to define nations worldwide. Actions during the happening were autonomous and shared experiences of various people at the frontiers of nations.


“12 wagon festival”, theatre “The train in Rouf”,
5/5/2011 -15/5/2011, Athens, Greece​


Performed and designed by:
Odysseas Konstantinou, Ioanna Neophytou and Spyros Charalampopoulos.
Βased on texts of Matei Vișniec.
Photo credits: Kourakou Antigoni