Comments on the conditions of formation of “woman” (2)

Installation, variable dimensions
Video, colour-catchers

Short description:

The project draws a link between the past and the present of the feminine identity and examines the role of women as domestic workers. The installation was designed with “colour-catchers”, a product recently introduced in the market, which provides the ability to prevent the colours from running off while washing. As a result, the washing procedure allows the colour-catcher to obtain a specific dye. In every case, the result is both unpredictable and unique.

After multiple washes and years of collection, a huge colourful canvas was created by these colour-catchers. The frame was installed on a window in order to have the light filtered through the patchwork of the colour-catchers. Furthermore, a video was projected on the canvas, presenting an old woman washing clothes in a traditional washtub.



  • Thesis, Athens School of Fine Arts, 22/6/2011 – 24/6/2011, Athens, Greece.
  • “ARTERIES Project”, contemporary art exhibition program

organized by Arteries Foundation, 23/5/2013 – 6/6/2013, Limassol, Cyprus.