Hands in Bleach

(Χέρια σε χλωρίνη)(Les Spectatrices Invisibles)

split-screen documentary, 27min, Greece/France, 2019


White Cube antiseptic.
An immaculate hotel room.
The invisible labour in real time.
The story of hands in bleach.

Short Description:

Two middle-aged women talk while cleaning hotel rooms and contemporary art spaces. They never meet on screen, however, their conversations and secret thoughts on present working conditions bring them closer together. Via two simultaneous videos, which document the nuanced nature of working as a cleaner, cleanliness emerges as a working condition. A comment on the relationship of art and labor. The story of two women whose hands have been soaked in bleach for years.

An earlier version of the project was presented in 2016, as a site-specific installation, in the exhibition “ROOMS 2016”, under the title Room 518.


Concept, direction, editing: Ioanna Neophytou
Production: Dimitris Stamatis
Cinematography: Giorgos Bakalis, Grigoris Panopoulos
Original Music: Alexandra Katerinopoulou
Sound Mixing: Dimitris Stamatis

The film was presented in April-May 2019 at the 64th Salon de Montrouge in France, in the form of simultaneous projections, under the title Les Spectatrices Invisibles. It was awarded the Tribew prize — first monographic ebook of the artist. The project was funded by the Françoise pour l’œuvre contemporaine foundation.

Screenings and Awards:

  • 64ème Salon de Montrouge, France Awarded with the Prix Tribew – First monographic ebook for the artist.
  • 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, 2020 National Premier.
  • “Με τα μάτια ανοικτά”, (With the eyes open) – 6th Tribute to Greek Documentary – online edition, Greece, 17-21 December 2020.
  • 12 Athens Ethnographic Film Festival – ETHNOFEST, online edition, as part of the section “Romantisism: Camera, Enchantment and the Real”, 03/12/21 – 05/12/21.

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